Some Baking with the kiddos!


I really didn’t get much done today as I fell down the steps this morning and jarred my neck… hurts like hell!  I used to be athletic….I swear my kids stole my coordination when I was baking them in my oven…..UGGHHHHH…………
Anyway, I did manage to bake cake/cupcakes with them.  DD Olivia, 7, has been bugging to make these cupcakes  she thought up….Vanilla cake with chocolate and strawberry frosting twisted together with a white chocolate dipped strawberry in the middle…..

Her sister Hannah just had to make something too….so we went with a Banana Split cake! 

NOPE!  WE NEVER watch the Food Network in this house!
Have a GREAT weekend everyone!


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  1. Those look DELICIOUS! I use to LOVE baking with my kids when they were younger. My daughter, now 14, has expressed an interest in baking for the diner.

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