A Week in the life Take 2


OK…..I tried the Week in the Life project last month and was unsucessful….so I am going to try it again. I started today, so the new pics will be up tomorrow!
Until then…..here is a little pictorial of what’s been going on around here….

Hannah has her first loose tooth! She is DYING for it to come out and asks us how long daily….this involves wiggling it to estimate the time it will take to fall out.

This is Baby Nutters….he/she has adopted our family apparently. My husband was even able to pick it up! It sits outside and cries when it wants attention…..so cute!

And last but not least…..the kittens are getting SO big! I love them to death….they make me smile every single day! No matter how grumpy I am…..

So that’s it gals! That’s my little catch-up! I will see you tomorrow for my Week in The Life Day 1!


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