Cyber Crop August 13!


When? August 13

Come join the fun to win prizes, play games and get to know a GREAT group of girls!
Tell em Katie (Rajah) sent you!



Alright, Day 4 Thursday! Unfortunatly at the end of the night my camera died….so I didn’t get as many pics as I wanted but hey….that’s part of life too, right?

1. Ready for the day!
2. Driving to my Bestie’s house!
3. How often do you get cool a@$ numbers like that!
4. It was a Selena Gomez kind of day according to my girls!
5. MMMM….Dunkin Donuts coffee coolata….
6. Singing shaking underpants card I found at Walmart….strange.
7, 8, 9–>My new kitten Paisley! Can’t take her home for a few weeks…

OH…and if you are NOT already involved…please go check out….they are an AWESOME forum/store/whatever paper crafting site! I ❤ the girls there and the inspiration is FABULOUS! Always some good stuff going on over there!

A Week In The Life Day 3-Wednesday


OK….I slacked yesterday. I wasn’t feeling good and didn’t do much of anything, so I didn’t get a lot of pics…..but here is what I’ve got!

1. My morning coffee in my favorite mug…from the beach!
2. dd Olivia…she’s so big! Making her own lunch!
3. This is a pic of me post shower….at 3 in the afternoon!
4. Chicken Enchiladas!
5. Shark Week!
6. Hubby fell asleep on the couch….
7. We ❤ these Steeler's cups!
8. Late night texting the bestie
9. Random picture from the day before to fill out the grid…..

A Week In The Life Day 2


So here is what we did day 2!

1. Leaving my bed…it makes me a little sad!
3. Trix for the kids…no milk.
4. Yogurt and granola for me!
5. Hannah gets her Kindergarten assignment 😦
6. Hitting the bank
7. The girls NOT arguing!
8. After National Night Out…
9. Some Scrappy time for me!

I didn’t put the picture on here….but Olivia told Chris that the stretchy skin on his elbow is Chicken fat! LOL….not sure where she got that one from! I took 64 pictures on Tuesday and had a ton of fun doing it!
So far so good!

A Week In The Life Day 1


Ok….I did mine in a grid, so here goes nothing!

1. It’s too bright to get out of bed…
2. So I busted out the computer in bed…7AM…uuuggghhhh
3. Every morning Hannah comes down the hall to get me!
4. We get up, Olivia is still sleeping.
5. Some leftover birthday cake for breakfast…
7. I had to work on my resume…
8. Crystal Light Mojito MOCKtail = ❤
9. Summer Berry Salad for lunch
10. Going to visit my Mom at work…pick up my package
11. Coming home from Mom's….kind of looks like a funnel cloud, right?
12. NOPE…just nasty storm with HAIL…had to pull over, kids screaming…good times!
13. Sassafrass Lass box contents!
14. Hot Dogs for Dinner
15. Hannah racked out…she's quiet and NOT talking back…LOVES it!
16. My PJ Pants…silky polka dots! NIGHT NIGHT!

Now, this is just a smackerel…I took over 80 pictures yesterday! LOL…